Tutorial: Build your first Uberflip app

Learn how to develop and publish a demo app on the Uberflip platform


This tutorial is designed to familiarize you with the development workflow for Uberflip apps. It will walk you through the process of creating your first app from start to finish. Don't worry — you don't need to be ready to start developing a real app just yet. In this tutorial, you'll learn the ropes with a simple demo app, and everything you need will be provided.

As you follow along, you'll learn by doing, and will perform each of the steps yourself. You'll learn how to:

  • Register a new app on the Uberflip Marketplace
  • Build and submit an app manifest
  • Install an app on your sandbox environment and test it
  • Submit an app for review and publish it on the Uberflip Marketplace

By the end of this tutorial, you will have built a simple but functional demo app, and will be ready to use what you've learned to get started on your first real app.

Before you begin


Before you can get started, you'll need an Uberflip developer account. It gives you access to the developer admin tools in the Uberflip Marketplace (for registering and managing apps), as well as to your sandbox environment (for installing and testing apps). If you don't have a developer account yet, click on the Start Building button on developers.uberflip.com to sign up.


You don't need any specific tools to complete this tutorial. However, we do recommend using a text editor that supports syntax highlighting for JSON (such as Atom), as this makes app manifests much easier to work with.


You don't need to know any particular languages to complete this tutorial — or to develop for the Uberflip platform in general, since Uberflip apps are language-agnostic. You won't need to do any coding for this tutorial. To work with app manifests, some familiarity with JSON is helpful, but not required.