Reference Guide: Hub front end pages, layouts, and components

A collection of reference materials for the various parts of the hub front end


In this section, you will find detailed information about each of the individual components that make up a hub front end. It contains reference materials for:

  • Page Type Identifiers: Lookup tables for the id and class attributes that uniquely identify the distinct page types, and which are present in the DOM of every hub front end page.
  • Page Layouts: Diagrams of the default layouts for every page type, annotated with the page components used, and the CSS selectors to target each component.
  • Page Components: Diagrams of the more complex multi-part page components, including the CSS selectors to target their individual parts.
  • Hub Events: A reference to hub-specific events you can leverage to manipulate the DOM of your hub front end pages.

All of the guides in this section are designed to be referenced while you work on your hub front end. As a result, there is no defined start or end point, and you can dip in and out of each guide as needed.