Object: functionalities

Usage & Structure

Creates a Service in your user's Privacy Groups page (Hub Privacy > Privacy Groups > Functionality), so your app can be assigned to a Privacy Group in that Hub. Privacy Groups allow Hub/Stream visitors to more easily opt-in (or out) of your app's services. See GDPR Feature: Hub Privacy Options for more information on Hub Privacy options in Uberflip.

Consists of a single functionality object that contains the properties listed below.


  • code string / required: The code used to identify the functionality.
    • Currently, the only allowed code is _PRIVACY
  • name string / required / max: 50: The display name of the functionality. This will be shown in the Privacy Groups page (Functionality tab) of your user's Hub Privacy settings.

Sample Manifest

"functionalities": [
      "code": "_PRIVACY",
      "name": "App Privacy",


Any functionalities you define with this object can be referenced in the following objects:

  • account_code_blocks