Object: licenses

Usage & Structure

Specifies a license that must be enabled on the customer's account for the app to be usable. If a license is specified in the manifest, it is enabled automatically when the app is installed, and disabled/removed when the app is uninstalled.

Consists of one or more license objects that each contain the properties listed below.



This object currently does not have much practical use, and exists mainly to support platform functionality around licenses which is still in development. Eventually, you will be able to use this object to enable license-related functionality, such as reporting on and controlling the number of license seats a user of your app has access to.


  • code string / required: The unique identifier used to reference the license.
    • Create a new license by prefacing the value with an underscore ("_").
    • Can also be the code of an existing system default license. See here for a list of system default licenses and their codes.
  • name string / required / max: 100: The display name of the license (will only be visible in Uberflip's internal systems).
  • description string / required / max: 200: A brief description of the purpose of the license.

Sample Manifest

"licenses" : [
      "code": "_EXAMPLE_APP_LICENSE",
      "name": "Example App License",
      "description": "License for Example App"


Any licenses you define with this object can also be referenced in the following objects:

  • global_permissions
  • user_groups
  • users