Some resources can return a large number of records. When returning responses from these resources, the Uberflip API will paginate the response, splitting the returned records into separate pages. Each request will return a single page, consisting of a specified number of records.

Request Parameters

When you make a request to a resource that returns paginates records, there are two request parameters that you can use to control the pagination: limit and page.

The limit parameter determines how many records will be included on a page. By default the API will include 25 records per page (unless otherwise specified for the particular resource). You can change the number of records per page to any number between 1 and 100.

The page parameter specifies the page number to return. For example, if the limit parameter is set to 100 (i.e. 100 results per page), setting page parameter to 3 will return the third page of 100 records per page, i.e. records 201-300.

Request ParameterDescription
limitSpecifies the number of records to return per page.
pageSpecifies the page to return (one page returned per request).

Response Parameters

When the API returns a paginated response, the response body will contain data and meta parameters.

The data parameter contains an array of the requested records.

The meta parameter contains an object that provides information about the pagination, such as the total number of pages that can be returned based on the specified limit value, and URLs to request the previous and next pages (if applicable):

Response ParameterDescription
dataAn array consisting of the requested number of records on the specified page.
metaAn object containing metadata about the pagination of the request.
countintegerThe total number of records that the resource can return.
limitintegerThe value of limit specified in the request, i.e. the number of records that the API has returned for this request.
total_pagesintegerThe total number of pages that would be required to return all records, assuming the same value of limit specified for this request.
prev_pagestringThe URL pointing to the previous page, assuming the same value of limit specified for this request. Not returned if no previous page is available.
next_pagestringThe URL pointing to the next page, assuming the same value of limit specified for this request. Not returned if no next page is available.


curl -H "Authorization: Bearer [Token]" \
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json

    "data": [
    "meta": {
        "count": 6,
        "limit": 2,
        "total_pages": 3,
        "previous_page": "",
        "next_page": ""