Looking for documentation on the Legacy API?

This page describes how to use Uberflip API V2. If you're looking for documentation on our older legacy API, you can find that here.

The Uberflip API allows you to query and manage an Uberflip account. It gives you access to features and assets in Uberflip that you can leverage in your own app, including Hubs, Streams, Items, Users, Metadata, and more.

The API is organized around RESTful principles, and uses predictable, resource-oriented URLs. It accepts and returns JSON-encoded requests and responses, and uses standard HTTP methods, authentication, and status codes.


Base URL


Example Requests

Throughout the Uberflip API docs, we have provided sample API calls for each resource using cURL. In addition, you can also view code samples of the same calls in Python, PHP, and Node.js.

Input/Output Format

All requests and responses, including errors, are formatted in JSON.


Data Types for JSON Values

The API will return:

  • Empty values in strings and objects as null
  • Boolean values as true JSON Booleans, not strings (i.e. {"key": true}, not {"key": "true"})

Date Format

All timestamps throughout the Uberflip API use the ISO 8601 format. This format indicates the timestamp's time zone, allowing for simple conversion. For example, the date and time:

August 24th, 2014 at 6:49 PM Eastern Time

Would be represented in ISO 8601 format as: