The response will contain a streams collection:

Body ParametersTypeDescription
dataArrayThe collection of streams
metaObjectSee: Pagination

Each item in the collection will have properties:

Body ParametersPropertiesTypeDescription
idIntegerThe stream identifier
hub_idIntegerThe hub identifier
titleStringThe stream title
descriptionStringThe stream description
urlStringThe stream URL
thumbnail_urlStringThe stream thumbnail URL
typeStringThe type of stream (“blogs”, “docs”, “videos”, etc)
serviceStringThe service that the stream imports items from (“blogpost”, “uberflip”, “youtube”, “vimeo”, etc)
item_countIntegerThe number of items in the stream
no_robotsBooleanWhether the stream allows robots
->list_viewBooleanWhether the stream is in list view
->read_moreBooleanWhether the stream has the read more button
->prevent_small_imagesBooleanWhether the stream allows small images
->canonical_metaBooleanWhether the stream has canonical meta
->canonical_redirectBooleanWhether the stream has canonical redirect
->comments_disabledBooleanWhether the stream allows comments
->idIntegerId of the user that created this stream
->first_nameStringFirst name of the user that created this stream
->last_nameStringLast Name of the user that created this stream
->avatar_urlStringUrl of this user’s avatar image
hiddenBooleanWhether the stream is hidden
pausedBooleanWhether the stream is paused
exclude_from_searchBooleanWhether the stream is excluded from search
created_atDateThe stream created date
modified_atDateThe stream last modified date