List Streams

Gets a (paginated) list of all the Streams in an Uberflip account, as well as metadata about each Stream (such as type, number of Items, etc.).

Parameter values: type

You can use these values with the type query parameter:

blogsBlog Streams
videosVideo Streams (YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Vidyard, Brightcove)
docsDocument Streams (Flipbooks, SlideShare)
socialSocial Network Streams (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
customMarketing Streams
targetedSales Streams

Parameter values: service

You can use these values with the service query parameter:

blogpostBlog Streams
youtubeYouTube Streams
vimeoVimeo Streams
wistiarWistia Streams (note wistiar not wistia)
vidyardVidyard Streams
brightcoveBrightcove Streams
twitterTwitter Streams
facebookFacebook Streams
instagramInstagram Streams
uberflipFlipbook Streams
slideshareSlideShare Streams
customMarketing Streams
targetedSales Streams

Parameter values: sort

You can use these values with the sort query parameter:

idSort by Stream identifier code
titleSort by Stream title
descriptionSort by Stream description
item_countSort by number of Items in each Stream
created_atSort by Stream creation date
modified_atSort by date on which Stream was last modified

Note: Add - before the value to have the response returned in descending/reverse-alphabetical order.


Returns a collection of Streams. The response body consists of two objects, data and meta.

The data object contains the requested records, with these properties:

idintegerThe Stream's identifier code
titlestringThe Stream title
descriptionstringThe Stream description
thumbnail_urlstringThe URL for the Stream's thumbnail image
typestringThe Stream's category
servicestringThe Stream's service type
item_countintegerThe number of Items in the Stream
pausedbooleanWhether the Stream is paused
created_atdateThe Stream's creation date
modified_atdateThe date the Stream was last updated/changed

The meta object contains pagination metadata.