Get Metrics for Stream

Gets basic metrics for a specified Stream.

Query parameters

For the from and to query parameters, you can also specify times by using this format: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss+zzzz.


Returns basic metrics for the specified Stream (from Legacy Metrics). The response body consists of an object containing these properties:

page_viewsintegerThe count of page views for the Stream page
average_time_per_visitintegerThe average duration of sessions that included the Stream page
unique_visitorsintegerThe count of unique visitors to the Stream page
visitsintegerThe count of total sessions that included the Stream page
average_pagesintegerThe count of average pages per visit for visits that included the Stream page
cta_impressionsintegerThe count of CTA impressions for CTAs in the Stream
conversion_rateintegerThe percentage CTA conversion rate for CTAs in the Stream
social_sharesintegerThe count of times the social sharing options were used on the Stream page


Metrics definitions

You can find definitions for each of these metrics here.